How to’s and what to’s of Job Interviews

Do you recall your last important job interview? Do you remember how nervous you felt? Well I remember mine like it was yesterday … Maybe because it was.

I’m vainly assuming you have read my “about me” section and know that I’m a PR major, so the position I was interviewing for was a part-time in the field job for a technology oriented company. Now that ya know that, let’s proceed.

Here are some pointers I’d like to share and maybe would have made yesterday a wee-bit less nerve-racking and leaving me more at ease. Alright, I’m not saying it didn’t go well, but what 20-something-year-old doesn’t indulge in a little auto-critique?

Let’s start with the things I could improve on (or you can learn from) :

Generally they say to arrive early to give your potential employer the impression that you are damn punctual.. and I did… maybe a little too early. The meeting was set up to begin at 2 PM  and I arrived about 20 minutes prior. Now, while that sounds (kinda) professional, you have to remember that the person interviewing you will most likely have a rather busy schedule filled with other daily job-related tasks besides interviewing you and therefor deliberately chose that meeting time. Simply put, arrive early (give yourself some travel time) but maybe don’t go inside until about 10 minutes to the interview.

I’ve also been told to practice some likely-asked questions (to the best of your guessing abilities) before an interview and since we’re being honest here.. I failed to focus on the company’s actual profession and like my aunt Heidi says “make myself smart” in regard to what they actually do. I am very knowledgeable about PR, but should have probably brushed up some on my app. knowledge. And it’s not that I don’t use applications on my phone, but I should have known that I’d be asked to elaborate more on them. Whoops. So, the lesson to take from here: know what your potential company/organization does and be prepared to relate it back to your use of the product/service.

I didn’t totally screw up, I also did some things right:

The day before the interview I received an e-mail with a loose structure of what I should be expecting during the interview, many companies do this, be sure to pay attention to detail. First I was told to dress professional yet casual, and to leave the business formal at home. I did and I REALLY wish I would have taken a picture for you guys. In case I don’t get hired.. at least I know I looked good (HAAAA.)

I was also warned to expect about an hour and half conversation with the team who was looking to hire me. Think of how long an hour and half conversation with your potential bosses may seem.. for this reason be sure to practice talking (A WHOLE LOT) about yourself. What worked for me was, thoroughly explaining my degree program and connecting it to their needed position, highlighting my strengths and also drawing those back to their needs, and a little bit of humor. I also managed not to ramble and remain on point during that process. Practice with a family member or in front of the mirror if you don’t feel too crazy doing so.

I’m still fairly anxious about the happenings of yesterday, but I hope this helped some of you.. and if not, I simply feel better just typing it all out.

Thanks for hanging around,








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