21 things I learned at 21 : a cliche post by yours truly.

As I am approaching my twenty-second year of life this upcoming month, I decided to share a few (or more) words of wisdom that helped me survive this year of half ass adulthood (sorry mom.)

“20-fun” came with many new responsibilities (the prime reason being the fact that I finally moved out) along with a couple of fresh perspectives. Here are some things I tried to live by at this unique age of transition:

  1. Rethinking Drinking: Although the feeling of finally purchasing your own drinks at bars/restaurants can make it seem like you should do so at every given opportunity, keep in mind that from now on you’ll always be 21 +, and your budget and body won’t appreciate you doing so. Having said that though, a couple of times for special occasions or after a stressful day is definitely recommend, CHEERS.
  2. Say YES more often: I lived most of my teenage years extremely cautious, afraid to engage in any adventurous activity or new opportunity. Whether it’s trying a new cuisine (SHOUT OUT TO INDIAN FOOD) or applying to a job outside of your comfort zone, simply say yes, you never know what can come from it.
  3. Leave the past in the past: Friendships, relationships, bad times and trials; if it brings you down, say goodbye.
  4. Make time for the ones you love: As you are getting older, so are your loved ones, we’re given one time to live on this earth with them, don’t let life pass you by.
  5. Treat yourself: Once in a while your budget will allow you to do so, treat yourself to a manicure, movie, a new outfit, anything to lift your spirit. This is SO important.
  6. Take your phone off the hook – and disappear for a while. (My good old friend Billy Joel taught me that one!) Don’t literally disappear, that would be tragic, but spend a day with a friend or family without checking your phone every minute; I promise, you have 24 hours to watch snapchat stories, you’re not missing anything.
  7. Say NO as well: I know I just said to say YES more often, but say NO to things you don’t want to do, if your gut tells you not to go out, don’t let anyone force you to. At this point of your life, you call the shots.
  8. Stay open-minded: Personally I gained many new perspectives on issues dating to way before I gave them any thought. *Avert your eyes real quick, if you consider yourself easily offended, or a Trump supporter* …I think it’s important to keep an open mind towards our fellow citizens of the world, be compassionate, and support movements towards this kind of progress. (WHAT I AM SAYING IS: don’t vote for Trump!)  – I’m kidding.. kinda, but be accepting of others..open to their ideals. You get it..
  9. Be kind: This is actually something I am working on for lent, I tend to pass judgement  quicker than a person can even utter a word to me. I’m working on being kinder to people, so should you.
  10. Be involved: VOTE, educate yourself, get involved with things you are passionate about.
  11. Follow your dreams, not your parents’: This one is hard, but remember you’ll be living with the choices you made.. be sure that they are yours.
  12. Don’t let anyone disrespect you: I can’t say this loud enough, but I want you to take this one to heart; anyone who belittles you – (sorry mom again) – IS A PIECE OF SHIT. You’re too old to let things slide and you’re old enough to tell disrespect from friendly criticism. Don’t stand for it.
  13. Pay your bills on time: Late fees just drain your account even more, just pay your bills man.
  14. Apologize first: When you know you’re in the wrong, say sorry first, it makes life easier, builds character and knocks your pride a little, chin up kid.
  15. UBER is your friend: Utilize it. Get the app. What I’m saying is, friends don’t let friends drink and drive.
  16. Date: Go on dates (whether it is with a significant other or a best friend), these are so fun, DATE!
  17. Stay true to yourself: Most of us are discovering our true selves at this age, it’s crucial for our mental sanity and happiness in general to be ourselves. Do you, boo.
  18. Focus: Whether it is school or work, now is the time to prepare for a stable future. Work hard for your goals, you’ll thank yourself later in life.
  19. Live a healthy life style: Your body is at its prime, you’re young and healthy. Make time to cook your meals (it also saves money), and work out ( a great stress reliever), take advantage of your youth.
  20. Don’t be so hard on yourself: You’re gonna fail and mess up at times, but remember there are endless chances out there for you, if you don’t give yourself a few breaks, you may not even notice them. Don’t be blinded by discouragement.
  21. Love yourself: Personally, I struggle with this one quite often, but at this point (after 21  years of being yourself) there have to be a few things you enjoy about yourself; remind yourself of them often, appreciate your talents and simply work on your flaws. I, for one learned to love my brain, odd (I am aware) but I appreciate the logic I find in messy situations, the languages I master effortlessly and the drive I have to learn new things, how great is that ?

have a happy day, it’s nice out,




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