post grad feels

A month post graduation, half relief and half frustration.

In no way is this post supposed to be poetic, but I figured I’d share the joys, trials and frustrations of being a graduate at a time of mad competitiveness in the job force, and attempting to be at least somewhat considerate of my own ambitions (cause if you’re anything less than content, those feelings too will eventually make their way to the surface.)

Like most of my peers (hopefully), I feel immense satisfaction in my accomplishment. Just to fill ya in, I received my B.A. in Strategic Communications, with a minor in Poli Sci, daring, I’m aware; but hey, that’s what I wanted, even if it meant searching years for a job that would satisfy my appetite. While I may currently be employed, I wanted to share with you a few feelings that seem to have taken over my current stage of existence.

I’ve already expressed my pride in completing this degree (shit, I didn’t even speak English a decade ago) so obviously I’m overjoyed, as I hope anyone who concluded this journey should be. While that feeling still remains, it was clouded by others. Some doubts, some just frustrations about the “real world” and some probably based on fear. I mean in my understanding, and from what I’ve been told over and over again, these are absolutely natural. I suppose my point is, that they too are of significance and not to be ignored. While they are uncomfortable to give thought to, cause who wants to be negative, especially after such an accomplishment? I also think that they are key propellers in moving you to the a place of contentment in your career.

In my personal experience, I’ve lingered on these fears as they have aided my will and drive to strive for more, even when rejection comes about. Adulthood came fast at me, and surely I’m not the only one with this sentiment, so I leave you with this, stay driven, don’t get too comfortable, and let your discontent be a stepping stone onto your next passage.

Ok bye now


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